Secret Service Agent: The gay gentleman is awake. He’s resting his head on your shoulder under false pretenses.

Jonni: I will be blamed for this and EXCUSE ME for taking some comfort where I can find it, okay?!

Walter: I’m gonna level with you.

Jonni: Yes?

Walter: Not here for the shoes.

Jonni: Yeesss?

Walter: I’m looking for a woman.

Jonni: Noooooo!

Jonni: You’re gonna have to give me a good reason to tell you more. Nipple clamps would be a good start.

Walter: Oh my god, is that Jonni? Say hi from me!

Wilson Cruz at GLAAD Awards

"So I know you’re sitting there and thinking ‘After all these years and all these strides we’ve obviously made…why do we still need GLAAD?’ And I’ll tell you. We haven’t won yet. Yes, there are more of us on TV and on films than ever before, but we have a long way to go before the media landscape reveals our ‘true color’ and gender diversity or tells the stories of trans people accurately. We have a long way to go before we end the discrimination against couples in California and forty other states, before hatemongers like the National ‘Organization’ of Marriage or for Marriage are no longer given national platforms to spread anti-gay hate. That’s why GLAAD is on the ground fighting for our future."

"We’re the only LGBT organization with a dedicated Spanish-language outreach team. Did you know that?…We’ve been working with JET and Essence to feature their first same-sex wedding announcements and with the LA and New York Times to get them to cover trans issues fairly and accurately…"

"GLAAD is revealing the truth about our community. That we are your neighbors. That we look like you. That we raise families just like you do. And we refuse to let anyone diminish our character."

"GLAAD will continue to amplify our voices so that we can marry whomever we love without fear that our children will be bullied. So that LGBT immigrants can become immigrants. Yes. So that trans kids can feel same in school and trans adults can be protected from job discrimination. So that young people of every color and gender identity can light up their screens big or small and appreciate themselves as they really are, complete and whole and wonderful."

Commentary: I don’t support everything GLAAD has done in the past or their priorities in the past. Personally, I felt that the emphasis in the speech that GLAAD is a primary “mover and shaker” in assisting LGBT people of color and trans people frustrate me a bit. That said, I do appreciate that Wilson Cruz made a point of focusing on immigration issues, trans issues, and the importance of representation of LGBT people of color in his speech this year. I’m still a bit wary of GLAAD, but I appreciate the strides they are making and more than anything else, I appreciate that Wilson Cruz is stepping forward as a visible force behind change in the organization. 

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This is a collection of screenshots showing the evolution of Gabriel, Lawrence, and Angela’s relationship in the film The People I’ve Slept With.  

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Rickie is my favourite character from My So-Called Life. 

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Rickie is my favourite character from My So-Called Life

Rayanne: Why don’t you ask him?

Rickie: Shut up!

Rayanne: Well, isn’t that who you really want to go with?

Rickie: Shh!

Rayanne: Well, isn’t it?

Rickie: Well, yeah in some imaginary universe that exists like in my mind. But…

Rayanne: Leave it to me.

Rickie: Rayanne, if you say one word to him I will kill you. Rayanne!

-My So-Called Life, “Life of Brian”